NourishYin : Intuitive Restorative Therapy

NourishYin :Restorative Self Care with Intuitive Release

An intuitive treatment for Women of all ages and stages in life

Heal the woman, heal the Heart centre & heal the whole.

NourishYin & Intuitive Release– This therapy helps  Woman who need a gentle space that is nurturing and restorative. For anyone affected by lives traumas who need a gentle touch for a NourishYin release –  My intuitive healing,  knowing and bodywork supports the release of blockages in the body.

This treatment is highly intuitive and helps you let go of things which no longer serve you….helping you to let go and restore Clarity and Shanti

Healing and knowing to help restore Chi and the bodies natural life force.

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine principles from my training in Natural Nutrition and Intuitive Healing using Reiki and Seichem and my skills in knowing, hearing and seeing, I help restore you and replenish your life-force ‘ chi ‘.

This makes this s truly holistic and nourishing way to be nurtured self care. The Nutrition guidance provided as part of this treatment is added as a supplementary charge.

Clearing and re-centring the heart, woman and whole using intuitive bodywork 

This intuitive massage can also be used for Women who wish to being supported for wellbeing using a womb massage or for regulating periods. 

My Nourish Yin Healing and Massages – Heal the woman, heal the Heart centre and heal the whole.

NourishYin & Intuitive Release

Nourish Yin Healing and Massages  Heal the woman, heal the Heart centre and heal the Whole

NourishYin Intuitive Release : A highly supportive massage for women and their self care journey.  Treatments  are typically 90-120 mins in duration. To add Intuitive Nutrition Advice to your treatment please discuss your needs with Randhiraj .

Call Randhiraj on 07976686592 or have a free clarity call to discover if this is the therapy for you.