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I am taking bookings for my Metabolic Balance and Summer Boosting Detox programmes –  Call for further details and price plans.  I  offer home visits and Skype.

Digestive reboot –   Boost metabolism and deal with reoccurring digestive complaints such as bloating, irritable bowl, allergies.  Learn how to eliminate food that is wrong for you and what you can  eat to help you feel happier and healthier all the time. Reduce and eliminate bloating, IBS, IBD, acid reflux, diarrhoea, constipation, food sensitivities and intolerances.

Prevent Ill Health : Diabetes, blood sugar management, cardiovascular health.

instapplephotoWomen’s Health:  Reduce hormonal imbalances, – promote reproductive health, PMS, pregnancy, pre-conception planning, post-partum care and paediatric health.

Weight Loss & Emotional Eating: Healthy weight loss, breaking bad habits, weight and blood sugar management & detoxification.

Keeping Your Muscles & Joints Healthy:Ellimate Joint and muscle aches/pain or inflammation with a bespoke nutrition programme.

Men’s Well being Health: Promote Well being using Natural Nutrition. 

Managing Stress & Boost Energy : Eat to beat Stress, sleep problems, low energy , fatigue, cravings,  anxiety, low mood, poor concentration and foggy memory.

Skin Health :Acne, rosacea, psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Auto Immune Health; Poor immunity,  recurring colds, outbreaks, cold sores and auto-immune conditions such as autoimmune thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis). Allergies including asthma, hay fever, eczema and psoriasis

Sports Nutrition – eat for the kind of exercise that you are doing & your body type

Tailored Wellbeing Package–  adjust your diet with food that is right for you-   Ideal for anyone  who needs help because of a health concern.  I offer weekly recipes, cookery coaching and support you to make positive adjustments to your diet.  This programme can be offered as a one of programme or as a 3-6 months support package to help you to achieve your health and well being goals.

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“The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.” This quote is  from ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ which I interpret to mean that the woman makes decisions for everyone she loves.

Women’s Wellbeing Package –   Blood tests are helpful in understanding your body’s needs. (Reports from GP’s can be help plan nourishing  food for your health needs.

Consultation time is 1 hour 45 minutes.  Followed by regular reviews to maximise the benefits of this programme. 

Fertility Boosting Nutrition Programmes  are available  alongside Fertility Massage Therapy.  For full details go to the  drop down menu on Programmes side bar

Option 1* Stage 1:  Fertility Detox and Diet (combine with Fertility Massage to improve digestive health) Stage 2: Optimising Nutrition for conception and reproductive health

The Pre-Natal & Fertility boosting  package   Testing: Alternative or Holistic can be helpful  choosing the right food for any pre conception  journey.  Try my 90 day Body Kind plan to boost fertility efforts.

Post Natal package- This package is essential for all new parents. My  recommendations & recipes include food that provide the key minerals and vitamins for you, your partner and your baby’s or toddler’s needs using food as medicine.  

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A bespoke programme helps before any pregnancy, post pregnancy and beyond once your baby arrives as your needs for good nutrition continue ….

Good wholesome world food recipes to cater for every pallet,  manageable recipes that are tried and tested with added benefits and the right protein groups for optimising all of your health needs.

The Tots-to-Teen Food Package-  This package offers practical suggestions for what to give children that is good for them.  I draw on my  experience of working with children and adolescents making  small or bigger changes that can have a significant impact on their lives.  (Food choices and recipes are responsive to any food preferences, allergies and intolerances.)

See my blog on 10 Steps to a healthier you.  Nourished Naturally®

Pregnancy Birth and Beyond  –  mentoring as a monthly package for anyone who needs regular advice.

Mentoring Support can be added to this package making meal times fun.   Breaking down the barriers of food to improve I can help your capacity to provide good nutritious meals for you and your young ones.

Sacral Heart Massage™  is for women who would benefit from a Therapeutic Massage with Healing, Reiki and a guided Meditations .  This can alongside other programmes.

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Cancellation Policy
Appointments and consultations are subject to full payment at the time of booking.
Cancellations are subject to a 50% fee – I am amenable to  rearranging rebooked appointments with 48 hours notice so minimise disruptions.
Cancellations within less than 24 hours notice will incur 50% charge unless rearranged.
**All Prices are inclusive of VAT**
Laboratory and blood testing may be helpful for devising a bespoke programme.  All Testing is undertaken by Bio lab or TDL Laboratory London.  Postal tests can be arranged for your convenience.