Women’s Health and Wellbeing Treatments


Inspire your Fertility Journey

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I am Complementary Therapist that works with women holistically in offering abdominal sacral and fertility massage therapy which is highly supportive and can support women for of abdominal and fertility boosting and in supporting natural conception.
I am currently offering discounted treatments for women who would like to try Fertility Massage Therapy.
This massage has been reported as helpful in boosting women’s menache, regulating periods, for conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis and digestive complaints as it increases blood circulation, blood flow and the alignment of the womb which makes this an ideal massage and a safe alternative to  try for all women. 
Focusing attention on woman’s well being and the sacral area with massage has been evidenced as highly restorative to a woman abdominal sacral well being.
I also offer Sacral Heart Massage™ which is the connection between the heart centre and the base chakra and helps restore the chi energy for women health and holistic well being .  Please get in touch if you would like to arrange an appointment.


Fertility Nutrition for women/ couples  – support alongside  fertility massage therapy and reproductive health with a  bespoke personalised nutrition plan- see price plan below.

I combine Fertility Massage and Well women Massage techniques to support my clients needs and  specifically work on the reproductive and sacral areas.  I focus on clearing tension, trauma, stress, blockages and integrate therapies to give clients the best chances of conception or in improving hormonal health and  well-being.

Well Women Massage-  Massage– for women’s abdominal and pelvic health , IBS, Fibroids, endometriosis, Menopause and peri menopausal,  women  & women’s dis-ease or ill health. £75 for 1 hour 10 mins treatment.

Treatments to support  all life stages and reasons

Seasonal Detox Massage– Complements a Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn cleanse package. £90 for a 1 hour 15 mins min treatment

Seasonal Detox Massage- 1 hour 15 mins massage

This is a deep tissue massage and highly beneficial to aiding digestion and abdominal well being.


Well Girls pre & post menstrual complaints-  Well girls is a Massage to relieve menstrual complaints and highly restorative

Teen Massage- 60 mins treatment

This treatment helps to regular periods and manage period pain and inflammation. Monthly treatments are highly recommended. Packages available for 3 or 6 months with 10% discount if booked ahead.


Women’s Well being Package-Energy healing with Massage; £70 for 60 min treatment and includes a guided meditation.

Women’s Well being Package


Optimising Family Nutrition

1) Make adjustments to the family diet taking account of each persons food preferences and advice on the best food to respond to each persons needs 2) Suggest changes and recipes and seasonal food Optimise Well-being 3) Provide food wisdom to maximise the long term health goals for each person 4) Provide menus and cookery classes using the principles of natural nutrition Consultation 90 minute, followed by reviews to maximise the benefits of this programme.


– re-look, re-evaluate and re-claim nourishing food to sustain family well being.

Be Well Again Massage for Women only – support well being,  recovery or during ill health, boost natural immunity, & menopause. £90 for a 65 min treatment and guided meditation.

Be Well Again Massage for Women only- 60 mins


Therapeutic  Massage and Guided Meditation 75 minutes –  this massage is helpful in cases of  loss and traumas. This includes a guided meditation and energy healing alongside a therapeutic massage Randhiraj has over 30 years expertise of trauma and attachment work and works intuitively with clients needs- £120


Sacral Heart Massage™ – 50 mins treatment

Connect your inner wisdom between your heart and sacral – a deep connective massage for improving circulation, your inner wisdom. Connect the base chakra and the heart centre to inspire growth and healing. Bank transfers also available with any rebooked appointment



Energy/Reiki Healing

First Reiki Healing £55 – 60 min includes a 10 min consultation

Reiki Healing


Reiki Bundles of 3

Book and pay in advance for a discounted offer £50 each treatment


Nourished Naturally  Gift Vouchers available 

Nourished Naturally  £100 Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers £100


Nourished Naturally  £50 Gift Vouchers

Nourished Naturally  £50 Gift Vouchers