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Women’s Fertility

Women & Mens  Fertility Boosting Nutrition -Recommended to improve natural reproductive efforts, hormonal function, fetal development, egg and sperm health, Nourishing you naturally with a natural fertility boosting approach to well being through diet.

Are you trying to conceive without any success?
Are you thinking about IVF ?
Would you like help to consider natural approaches to assisting your conception journey ? and be provided with  support all the way?
If yes – please contact me for a FREE chat to discuss how I might be able to help you and your partner maximise your chances to conceive naturally by looking into your diet with practical recommendations which are easily introduced and give yourselves the best chance, then   My number is 07976686592 .

Fertility Massage™  – boosts natural conception, reproductive health, menstrual cycle and fertility- refer to price plans below.  Lab testing can be helpful when determining a treatment plan and subject to additional cost (NB not included in plan).

Fertility Nutrition for women/ couples  – boost fertility massage and reproductive health with a personalised nutrition- see price plan below.

Well Women Massage- (Well Girls pre & post menstrual complaints)  Massage– endocrine, abdominal , IBS, Fibroids, endometriosis, women womb & women’s dis-ease or ill health. £85 for 60 min treatment.

Seasonal Detox Massage– Complements a Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn cleanse package. £90 for a 65 min treatment

Women’s Well being Package-Energy healing with Massage; £75 for 65 min treatment and includes a guided meditation.

Family Nutrition – re-look, re-evaluate and re-claim nourishing food to sustain family well being.

Be Well Again Massage for Women only – support well being,  recovery or during ill health, boost natural immunity, & menopause. £90 for a 65 min treatment and guided meditation.

Therapeutic Massage–  to help release old traumas. This includes a guided meditation and energy healing alongside a therapeutic massage Randhiraj has over 30 years expertise of trauma and attachment work and works intuitively with clients needs- £120

Fertility Massage™  – initial consultation includes a Fertility Massage Treatment – £150
Initial Consultation Includes
Consultation chat
Fertility Massage Therapy treatment
Advice on Understanding & Improving Fertility – Nutrition advice

Fertility Nutrition Programme-   £315 discussed in detail at your 2nd appointment and includes a follow up appointment-  comprehensive assessment report with recommendations . Couples Work : Nutrition Plans are highly recommended alongside Fertility Massage.
Self Help Fertility Massage – provided at 3rd appointment with advice sheet

Fertility Massage™ Packages :Treatments include a guided meditation.
Bundle of 12: 60 minTreatment £105 each treatment or £1200 if paid in advance.
Bundle of 3-6: 60 min Treatment £100 each treatment or £95 if paid in advance.
Pay as you go  60 min treatment- priced at £120 each treatment
Pay as you go 90 min treatment – priced at £160 each treatment

Energy/Reiki Healing

First Reiki Healing £55 – 60 min includes a 10 min consultation

Bundle of 3-6: 60 min Treatment £142.50- £285- £47.50 each treatment.
Bundle of Pay as you go  60 min treatment- priced at £60 each treatment
Gift Vouchers available on request