Plant Based Food for Vegans and a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Plant Nutrition programmes : be Nourished to eat well and thrive

If you have decided to become vegetarian or vegan for ethical, environmental, or health reasons, I can help you to optimise your nutrition and wellbeing goals using real food.

I have been a vegetarian who hasn’t eaten meat since 1984 and have proven skills to help you create food that tastes great and looks amazing.  Being of South Asian descent I grew up in a family where food took centre stage. I have first hand experience with intolerances and had allergies when I was younger and this led to my interest in learning and studyin Nutriton.

I can show you how to eat great food that is colourful and highly nutritious.

I offer people  different  options depends on why they wish to seek a Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle and Nutrition plan.

Pea Hummus with Pomegranate and Lemon dressing-  Love being Vegetarian

Get Nourished Naturally and use the power of a plant based diet that can be sustained for a life time.

There are now 7 times more Vegans in the UK than 2 years ago!  This is an astounding fact.

Take a look at my instagram page @nourished to see the types of food I cook at home everyday.  It’s all on there.

I offer Plant based diet cookery classes for Vegans who want to feel inspired and learn ways to eat natural food. My approach with clients has come from my own experience having grown up with siblings who had food intolerances.  

Vegan Food isn’t  difficult to make. It takes preparation and understanding the how to meal prep for vegetables and pulses adding full  aromatic flavours.  I do this  in my classes by taking my influence from the world food around us – you can do the same once you understand how to.  All of which is really easily achieved –  if your looking for guidance, then look no further as I can really help. .

Learn to eat Vegan Food with proper guidance from a Natural Nutritionist

This is essential  if you want to make each meal count and have it give you the right levels of amino acids and minerals which plant food can do really easily.

My guidance and approach to Working with Clients

I use my  vast  experience, and my passion for cooking to help people who want to learn vegan or vegetarian dishes.

I  use my vast knowledge and qualification in Natural Nutrition to help clients decide what’s important to them and their well being needs.  I  offer practical 121 support and demonstrations and cookery lessons to help the people I work with    think creatively about meals and food that is exciting and tasty to eat.

Get informed on whats right for you.  Sign up for my plant based cookery classes which gives you real food and real sustainable meal plans to eat at home or work!.  Get inspired to integrate this way of life without relying on Organic health food shipped into your home by expensive providers.  Learn to get organised and stay in control instead of using  ready prepared ready meals that are  costly and not a sustainable way of living.

I recommend putting your money towards  121 plan or cookery classes and  take control.  Being self sufficient with professional guidance is really all you need it.

All you need to do is  call for a  FREE 25 min discovery call – on 07976686592 to see how I could help I Would love to work with you.