Plant Food is Vitality Rich

A Varied PlantDiet can be used to improve Health and Wellbeing Outcomes

This programme can inspire you to change your old eating habits.

You may choose this programme if you want to eat less meat, or eat more vegetables. You many want to have vetarian or vegan food days.

This programme might appeal to you if you wish to Eat ethically sourced food that is environmentally sound.

You might need to change your diet and lifestyle if you are embarking on a spiritual or healing path, or need to change eating habits for health reasons.

What ever the reason, there are many benefits of introducing more plant based food that is not denatured or processed.

If this is sounds like you, you want professional help to optimise your health and nutritional needs and this programme can be adapted to suit your needs.

I use real food to help get to where you wish to be.

If you have been too busy to think about your food or had to rely on pre-packed food from health stores or supermarkets and want to make more interesting dishes with professional support this programme could be right for you.

How it works –

We talk about where you are and then I discuss ways of making your food more interesting e.g we discuss ways you can eat more nutritious, colourful, or interesting meals which are easy to make.

If you want to check your health status, I might suggest you have a Bio-resonance test, or blood tests via your GP.

This is a bespoke Nutritional plan that offers easy to follow steps that can help you understand how to eat better for their holistic wellbeing needs. This only works if you are committed to the plan.

Trust in the process and you will feel and see the benefits in a few weeks.

Some of my nourishing food ideas …

Do you want to become Vegan or Vegetarian .

Buckwheat Gardinera

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