Plant Based Food promotes a Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle

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This programme is for you if you want help or inspiration to change eating habits.

Eat less meat, eat more vegetarian or vegan food for ethical, environmental, spiritual, or health reasons. If this resonates for you and you need support help in planning ways to optimise nutrition and wellbeing goals I use real food in this programme to help you get to where you wish to be. If you have been relying on pre-packed food from health stores or supermarkets and want to make more interesting dishes with professional support this would be right for you.

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I show you how you can eat great food that is highly nutritious, colourful, interesting and easy to make.

I offer a bespoke Nutrition support plan that offers easy to follow steps and helps you understand how to eat better for their holistic wellbeing needs.

Trust in the process and you will feel and see he benefits in just a few weeks.

Here are just a few of my Nourished Naturally recipes..

Vegan and Vegetarian Food doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult to make. I teach you how to meal prep vegetables and pulses. How to add full aromatic flavours to make meals more interesting using diverse influences from around the world and help you try new tastes.

Make every meal count by eating the right levels of amino acids and minerals which plant food can do really easily.

I can teach you to eat real food and make sustainable meal plans that will make you life easier at home or work!.  Food for every loved one you need to consider.

I have been a vegetarian who hasn’t eaten meat since 1984 and offer my love of food and creative recipes that can help you create food at home easily and without much fuss that will taste great and will look amazing and can be easily to prepare as seen here.

Being of South Asian descent I grew up in a family where food took centre stage. We ate very well. I have personal experience of food intolerances and IBS due to eating the wrong food in my 20’s as a result of working shifts and the stress I encountered from the profession I was in.

My guidance and approach to Working with Clients

I  offer practical support and people I work with think more creatively about meals and food that is exciting and a treat to look forward to making. visit my testimonials page to see what people say about me.

Buckwheat Gardinera

Once I changed my eating habits and begun to learn more about the food and my wellbeing needs this was life changing. I later embarked on my training in Naturopathic Nutrition in 2004. I have lived by these ways of eating natural foods and my ayurvedic upbringing which I delved into further which is my offer to clients for optimising health and wellbeing goals and loving food.

Did you know there are now 7 times more Vegans in the UK than 2 years ago!  Isn’t this an astounding fact?

Why not take a look at instagram page @nourished to see the food I cook at home everyday.  

I offer cookery classes to clients who want to feel inspired or learn ways to eat natural food or manage food intolerances.  

Be inspired to integrate this way of life without relying on Organic health food shipped into your home by expensive providers.

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Get better organised and stay in control instead of using ready prepared ready meals that are costly and not a sustainable way of living.