Nourished Naturally Events 2017

Forthcoming Courses/Events

Nourished Naturally® Ltd


Nourish Me Naturally Group

6 week programme to look at eating habits and make sustainable changes- BOOKED

Act On Learning is used in this programme and highly supportive for sustainable change. Group Sessions offer the benefit of peer support .

Nourish Me Naturally Group running Sept-Dec  fortnightly 11am-1pm BOOKING advisable.

Summer Equinox: event took place on  21st June :

Cellular Awakening  event will run again for the Autumn Equinox. 7.00-9.00 

Cookery Road Show:Spice Junky:  Saturday mornings.   

Running each Saturday Morning ( 9.45-12.45) Book for a bespoke cookery demonstration in your own home. Scheduled dates available by calling Randhiraj.

To be kept informed of forthcoming events and locations, or to ask details regarding any of the courses above. Please Contact Randhiraj 07976696592. Or use the contact form.

Conscious Eating event August  2017 11-1pm

Nourish Fertility event 9th July 2017  1-3pm

Bookings can be made by calling Randhiraj on 07976686592

Corporate Events

This is Canopy Media’s  Staff Health Week event

Nourished Naturally Ltd provides talks, food demonstrations and consultancy to  help raise necessary awareness for both employers and employees on implementing well being programmes for the work place.  Demonstrations are  practical and interactive  and help support organisations consider changes to improve workforce well being with practical easy to follow ideas and recommendations.

The biggest asset your organisation has is its people; the biggest asset they have is their health and wellbeing  so it makes good business sense for you to look after them and promote well ness at work.

A good diet plays a big role in peoples daily work lives.  Why not invest in your workforce; giving them an opportunity for a better work life balance!

Well Being Coaching

Randhiraj has worked in the private and pubic sector and knows the challenges too well:

Her approach is based on sound research.Helping organisations support its employees and get the balance they rightly need. Workshops and food demonstrations are interactive and educational.  Engaging employees to think about their health and well being needs and practical steps they can apply immediately -Negociable

  • Work well being programmes – priced per person
  • Health and Well being talks – £150 plus expenses
  • 121 Consultations are highly recommended and show employees how much you care about their well being needs

Randhiraj uses Action Learning in her group work and is a highly trained and skilled facilitator :

  • Act On Learning programmes are highly supportive when implementing any sustainable change.  Group Sessions are also available that foster peer support for longer term benefits.

Enquire today  07976686592  to obtain a quote for your companies needs.