Nourished Naturally Events 2018

Forthcoming Courses/Events

Nourished Naturally® Ltd


Nourish Me Naturally Group

6 week programme to look at eating habits and make sustainable changes- Places available 

Act On Learning Groups-  Randhiraj has been a facilitator since 2007 and involved in Action Learning sets since 1998.  She uses these principles to facilitate groups where people can achieve their goals alongside peers who can offer support .  Groups run for half or full days.

Creative approach to managing Menopause – I am running a series of cookery workshops and talks to help build resilience amongst women going through this stage of life.  Get in touch or do it with other women who you know are going through this too  

Nourish Me Naturally Group running Dec- March  fortnightly  Tuesday evenings 7-9pm BOOKING advisable. 

Fertility UK – Talk in Fertility and Nourishing yourself with new rituals for personal growth and inner wisdom –

Spice Junky™ Authentic Punjabi Cookery Classes:  Pre Bookings essential.   Alternatively Book for a bespoke cookery demonstration in your own home.

Spice Junky™ Taster Events in March  – April 2018 – Saturdays- Run from  1.30-3.45pm-  Book as places are  limited

Healing Hearts– A Meditation Evening-  open your consciousness and connect with your inner wisdom -19th April  7.30-10pm

Sacral Heart Massage™ for women wishing to connect with their base chakra and female creativity- March Offer is International Women 3 – –  book in advance to secure appointments.

Seasonal & Conscious Eating–  May 2018- call for details

Summer Equinox Events 2018: June 2018  – Optimise your nutrition goals with a bespoke  Deep Cleanse Package created through out April.

Summer Equinox 21st June Book by calling Randhiraj on 07976686592

Corporate Events

This is Canopy Media’s  Staff Health Week event

Nourished Naturally Ltd provides talks, food demonstrations and consultancy to  help raise necessary awareness for both employers and employees on implementing well being programmes for the work place.  Demonstrations are  practical and interactive  and help support organisations consider changes to improve workforce well being with practical easy to follow ideas and recommendations.

The biggest asset your organisation has is its people; the biggest asset they have is their health and wellbeing  so it makes good business sense for you to look after them and promote well ness at work.

A good diet plays a big role in peoples daily work lives.  Why not invest in your workforce; giving them an opportunity for a better work life balance!

  • Work well being programmes – priced per person
  • Health and Well being talks – £150 plus expenses
  • 121 Consultations show employees how much you care about their well being needs

Randhiraj runs Action On Learning groups to support people make sustainable change:

Groups foster peer support for longer term benefits.

Enquire today  07976686592  to obtain a quote for your companies needs.