Sacral Heart Massage™


Sacral Heart Massage™ – 75 mins treatment



A therapeutic massage designed to help restore women  and the Meridians: 

Have you experienced trauma or loss?

 Do you  need a nurturing massage ?


Do you need a therapeutic space to connect with yourself ?

Do you need help to  ground yourself and your thoughts?

Do  you need a place to  unwind and have some healing and restorative women’s meridian massage?   

RE-Connect with their inner wisdom between the heart and sacral chakra’s

This Treatment 

This is a deep connective tissue massage to  improve circulation, connect you to your  inner wisdom.

Randhiraj blends traditional massage with a holistic experience to help you let go and move forward in connecting your  base chakra with your the heart centre

A space to Heal -Inspire – Restore the woman your were

For Personal growth and healing add a meditation or consultation with Randhiraj who is a Integrative Holistic Natural Healing Practitioner.


Call Randhiraj  on 07976686592 to work out your restorative care package.