Forthcoming Events and Retreats October- December 2020

My Forthcoming Events and Retreats.. be guided by me in my cosy and intimate circles..

NourishYin Events:

NourishYin Event – Chandni Rtu Mandala – Moon Period Circle 21st December 2020-7pm-9pm- ‘Shishir’ Ritu – Chandni Rtu Mandala – Shishir Ritu : ease into your Artava ‘menstruality’ build more time for your ‘Vitara ‘/self care using the wisdom of Ayurvedic principles. Mandala Rtu- a woman’s ‘Period where we pause and Circle’ as one..

NourishYin Event Moon Meditation 3rd November 7pm

NourishYin Event – Awaken : & Be Spiritually Guided (This will initially run as a 6 week spiritual development course ) Begins 13th October for 6 consecutive weeks – 6pm-7.30pm

NourishYin Event – Full Moon Meditation 3rd November 2020 – use contact form below if interested

NourishYin Event – Awaken : & Be Spiritually Guided December -An exclusive to my Shakti Devi page

Shakti Devi Rises – is a facebook group – an inner circle where we cherish the divine feminine force of Shakti- you are welcome to join if you wish by sending a request after answering the questions.

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