Forthcoming Events, Wellness Retreats and Coaching Summer 2021 to Spring 2022

Forthcoming online Events and Retreats/courses..

My ‘NourishYin’ Events:

A guide to your reproductive Self and Fertility (Shabdosh) – register for your exclusive place below.

An essential guide to your Shabdosh – Rtu and self – This workshop focuses your female Shakti for more indulgent self care. Learn how to cultivate more care before and after each ‘rtu’ – your menarche and beyond ..

Belly (Womb) Love : Self Care workshops – enquire below

Monthly Wellbeing Circle – 1st Tuesday of each month – £14.00

Group Oracle Card reading included in price


Discover the healing properties of Homeopathy – gain more insight to this energetic medicine and how it can complement wellbeing

Use contact form below to obtain further details

Shaki Devi Compassion Programme -21 day invitation to grow a practice for your wellness, self


£ 55.50 for this guidance included in this programme –

Discover how to create new ways to centre
Develop more ways to practice more self love and compassion using a 21 day programme

Be Guided and Creative as you build a new path or way –

care needs.

Spring – Summer programmes – Click for details

Women’s Self Care Massage workshops – enquire below

Self Care using Self Massage and Nutrition Advice

Love your BELLY MORE

Optimise Wellbeing – begins in Spring to optimise wellbeing goals – use the contact form below to progress your interest

Avebury Stone Event – Winter Solstice 2021

Spring Solstice – March 2022 – Cleanse programmes – be guided to understand how you can eat with the seasons and eat consciously to heal from inside out

Retreat Days are help for solstice at Avebury Stone – Wilshire -Women’s Event – Meet up at Avebury Stone

Rtu Moon Circles – be guided by me in my cosy and intimate circles..Contact me to find out about my forthcoming event

Online Retreats – Women’s Circle 1st Tuesday of the month – 7.45- 9.15pm – enquire below

NourishYin learn about your cycle : grown inner knowing of the – Chandni Rtu Mandala – Moon Period Circle ‘Shishir’ Ritu – Chandni Rtu Mandala – Shishir Ritu : ease into your Artava ‘menstruality’ build more time for your ‘Vitara ‘/self care using the wisdom of Ayurvedic principles. Mandala Rtu- a woman’s ‘Period where we pause and Circle’ as one.. get in touch if this interests you ..

NourishYin Event online Silent Moon Meditation October

NourishYin Event – – Subscribe to my exclusive Membership Levels

Reiki and Seichem Level 1 – 2 Awaken your inner knowing – 1 day event – planned for August 2021 – enquire below

Shakti Devi Rises – is a facebook group – an inner circle where we cherish the divine feminine force of Shakti- you are welcome to join if you wish by sending a request after answering the questions.

Spiritual and Personal Development Coaching for Healing Practitioners – 121 coaching /mentoring – if your interested- use the form below

Find your balance with me …

Get in touch or ask a question – don’t be shy …