Nourished Naturally : Holistic Therapies and Services

Complementary Services that support the holistic needs of Women and all their life stages

Holistic Women’s health services that support women re- balance and stabilise  cathal-mac-an-bheatha-208192hormones, re- evaluate the food they eat and re-view the nutritional needs to help  them feel healthier and fitter.  I offer a bespoke support  and each client evaluate their  lifestyle factors,  health and emotional wellbeing needs.  My holistic approach and training is highly supportive and shows clients the steps to take with regular support for achieving their desired health goals. I suggest remedies alongside natural food sharing my own journey as a woman and parent using a naturopathic approach.

As a registered complementary therapist I offer abdominal massage and Fertility Massage Therapy which have proven benefits for women  at  all stages of their fertility  and  targeted massage to improve circulation for the abdominal and sacral areas in women.  Take a look at my women’s therapies if you have any gut imbalance or  conditions such as Fertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, IBS, PMT, Fibroids, Menopause, and digestive/ hormonal complaints.  These massages  are reported as helpful for hormone balancing and digestive health.

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Offer your cells such joy in healing so they will might know what they most yearn again  ..then heal them again ” –  Randhiraj 2020