Consultations and Bespoke Support Programmes



Call for your  free 15 min Discovery Call  and  discuss a package that suits your needs.

My consultation approach and packages.

Your treatment plan will depend on your health and objectives but typically will involve 3-4 sessions. Many clients also like to check in every 3 months to make sure they are on track with maintaining long term optimum health.

Consultation Package 

  • Initial face to face consultation 1hr 30 mins pexels-photo-461428
  • Follow-up consultation 
  • Telephone/Skype consultation- 
  • Packages:
  • Optimise  Nutrition package 1 (Initial consultation 90 mins with 2 follow-ups appointments; 2 further  coaching sessions  via Email or TXT).
  • Optimise My Nutrition package 2  Initial consultation 90 mins with 4 follow-ups appointments; 4further  coaching sessions  via Email or TXT).
  • Call to obtain further  details and costs 
  • Consultation appointments

I provide a comprehensive assessment of your diet and health needs. This appointment typically takes around an hour and a half, during which time we discuss the consultation form sent to you ahead of your appointment.  I ask you what you would like to achieve, any symptoms that have been concerning you, any hereditary factors we need to be aware of in designing your personalised nutrition plan and the food you like to eat. You may be referred for blood or stool tests which help diagnose  determining symptoms, deficiencies or imbalances.

We agree a follow up appointment after this consultation and we continue to work on making small sustainable changes.  Fortnightly reviews are usually recommended for  the changes you need to make.  I also offer telephone support and Skype calls to help keep you on track and give you the guidance needed to follow your programme.

After the consultation appointment a full report with dietary recommendations and menu plans is provided with either a  comprehensive report or a brief summary report .

Dietary Change Programme

Comprehensive Consultation Assessment Appointment – 1hr 30 mins  

Reports are designed and priced to your bespoke needs:

Option 1 : Full Assessment Report  with your personalised  advice and  recommendations  –  provided to you within 3 days of your Assessment Appointment.

Option 2 : Brief Highlights Report with advice and dietary recommendations 

Follow up appointments: 2nd and future Appointments :  mentoring for your  personalised lifestyle programme & supporting you make the necessary changes you need to optimise your goals.

Holistic approach to your Nutriton needs

Recipes and Menu plans provided  after every subsequent meeting.

3rd Appointment and subsequent appointments are intended to be supportive and helpful in keeping you on track of your goal weight, health and well being goals.

Follow up consultation reviews can be offered by Skype –  45mins

Family Nutrition : designed according to your bespoke needs: Call to take advantage of my FREE  15 min discovery consultation to help you decide how to proceed.

I offer 3 and 6 Monthly plans: Prices and plans vary depending on which package you choose and in responding to your well being package and maintenance goals.

Nourished Naturally® Ltd uses body composition and blood tests analysis to identify the right food and menu recommendations that are right for you.

Nourished Naturally® Ltd offers bespoke and personalised goal based Nutrition Programmes to suit your needs and lifestyle.

 Clients are offered  the following options when making changes for weight loss reasons: 

Option 1 – 4 day On your programme with 3 days off
Option 2 –  5 day On your programme with  with  2 days off
Option 3 –   6 day   programme with 1 day off


Nourishing Families Sustains Wellbeing








Please Note:-  Any Blood, Hormone, Stool or Intolerance tests undertaken are done privately unless through your own GP practice and therefore subject to additional charges. A full  Analysis Report is provided on behalf of clients and are   subject to the Laboratory  Charge.  I use  a Clinic in  Central London.   For clients outside London : Clinics offer a postal service.