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I found Randhiraj online from instagram. I needed some quick help and she put me at ease and offered me an easy to follow bespoke approach – I would highly recommend her service if I knew anyone that needs help.

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Monday 06 Apr 2020



I initially went to see Randhiraj as I was interested in trying Reiki for healing. I had never had this before and was initially a bit nervous, but she made me feel at ease, providing a safe… view more

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4th Feb 2020



I went to Randhiraj initially with the need to lose weight for a wedding. I lost around 5kg(11 pounds) in a month which is unbelievable. I have been able to maintain that weight ever since w… view more

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15th Nov 2019



Randhiraj helped my daughter when she was going through a difficult time and had a lot of anxiety about me going away on a course. Randhiraj combined her experience and skills with Reiki, ma… view more

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Thursday 14th Nov 2019



I came to Randhiraj with extreme tiredness just before my 60th birthday and following a bereavement. Working with her made me realise I wasn’t looking after myself properly ( a BIG shock for… view more

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22 Mar 2019 5 Star Review 
Fantastic for families
She has been a lifesaver to me and coupled with her understanding of families and their nutrition and emotional needs she provides a great package.
22 Mar 2019 5 Star Review 
It’s difficult to imagine a short review that could do justice to a service of this standard. Randhiraj reacted extremely quickly to what was an urgent requirement for dietary change, with a passion for her craft that reached way beyond expectation.
She listens, understands, and moves heaven and earth to deliver.
If this reads like a review that’s been paid for, it’s not. She seriously is this good at her job, and deserves every ounce of praise I can squeeze into this small space. Thank you, does not begin to cover what is due.
My reviews from Love your doorstep Enfield:  5 star Reviews from each of these clients
Cate Dormer 8 Jan 2018   The Lakes Estate in Recommendations
I am fizzing from the absolutely thrilling cookery lesson my bf& i have just had from Randhiraj Bilan who is in our neighbourhood We signed up for an Indian cooking session, and it was a revelation. Her methods are authentic Indian, from her mother & grandmother, she is quick, full of fun & the lesson whizzed by even though  I am allergic to conventional cookery advice.!!! The results were DIVINE,
I am totally hooked on indian dishes.. am toying with putting masala on my porridge.
She does various types of cuisine, is local, & gives u CONFIDENCE
Reviewed by Karolina Mason
 05 Aug-2018 10:0:06 5 Star Review 

I saw Randhiraj a few weeks ago. She gave myself and my father a healing session. Randhiraj has a lovely warm calming personality and the healing she gave me was very moving. It was just what I needed. I felt a great sense of relief and warmth. My father isn’t very well and is currently suffering from muscle pain and said he felt his shoulder felt better after the session. I will be going back. Thank you again Randhiraj

Reviewed by LOUCAS 5 Star Review 
On 27-Jul-2018 20:0:23

Randhiraj helped my father when he was in hospital by making soups for him, this was special for me because my father was “nil by mouth”, (he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything)

Jill Hart:  23-Jun-2018 16:0:09 : Jill said 5 Star Review I can not recommend Randhiraj’s services enough. She was so informative and the food was delicious!

 · – Meditation Evening Run by Randhiraj Bilan 

What a special evening that was! Thank you very much for my renewed energy after a wonderful meditation, the inspiring conversations, your warm welcome and little gifts to support our wellbeing. I look forward to coming again in May. Dominique x

Rainbow Carter  –5 Star Review  Abdominal Sacral Massage Client feedback 

I have been so pleased with my treatment by Randhiraj and would highly recommend her to anyone. I can’t believe how fantastic I feel now and am feeling so encouraged by the programme so far. I also had some healing done which included a guided meditation. I left relaxed and calm afterwards. Thank you Randhiraj

MG London  Nov 2017 5 Star Review  

I saw Randhiraj for weight loss.  I have tried other nutritionists but Randhiraj helped my loss weight and gave me interesting ideas and recipes that got me thinking about my food.  I would’ve definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to change the way they eat and get fit.

E. Dixon  London  October 2017

I would like to say a very big thank you for a truly enjoyable massage. For the passed few months I have experienced excruciating pain from sciatica, which left me unable to walk.
Randhiraj’s holistic approach made me feel relaxed and her technique really helped me in my recovery.

C Meacher North London 5 Star Review 

I saw Randhiraj about a complicated issue and she really helped me.  She is an amazing listener which means her advice is spot on .  She is extremely knowledgable, very kind and warm and i’d highly recommend her

C Meacher gave Randhiraj a google- 5 star rating.

D Bijal March North London 

We have been seeing Randhiraj and she gives yoy encouragement and the right advice  i have been following her sdvice and lost weight

D Bijal gave Randhiraj a google 4.5 star rating.

E Whittington :  Hertfordshire 5 Star Review 

Truely feel blessed- with grace we move forward and together x
A real expert who genuinely cares about helping you, and she inspires confidence in her knowledge and approach from the outset. She has provided me with a very holistic and practical set of recommendations to fit around looking after my 2 toddlers. She is very easy to talk to and really took time to listen to what my specific problems are. Randhiraj equally took time to explain why she suggested the remedies and how they worked. I have definitely felt better as a result of doing what she suggested. I couldn’t recommend her more.

GMM: South London 5 Star Review 
I have worked with many nutritionists over the years but Randhiraj is the first to give me a big picture perspective on why the recommendations I have received work for me. Post our session I feel more in tune with my body’s needs and better able to gauge what is needed to bring me into balance.

Annie T :Muswell Hill 
I lost 3 stone on Randhiraj’s weight loss programme eating real food.  I have worked with many nutritionists over the years but Randhiraj was the first who helped make the changes sustainable. Her weekly recipes inspired me to get in the kitchen and I don’t need to buy ready meals anymore. I can’t actually believe it. I CAN COOK – my 121 class with Randhiraj taught me a lot.

RP From Singapore said: 5 Star Review 
I feel so much more energised since on my new eating plan and Randhiraj helped make the changes sustainable. Her weekly recipes have inspired me to use new vegetables and I find I am now actually excited to see what she sends in my weekly food box – I am immensely grateful for everything she has done so far !