Testing: Alternative or Holistic

  • There are a number of alternative ways to support your fertility journey and Complementary Therapy offers many benefits along with a personalised service  the responds to what you want or need with guided support for every stage:  Have you thought about:

    Fertility Massage Therapy-  has  many benefits including  stimulates reproductive circulation and helps improve blood circulation for many clients on their conception journey.

    Blood tests can be helpful in deciding which route to take.  Fertility testing through a lab provides insight and help you  understand your body.  You decide what your choices are available options before deciding  what your next step or path for Fertility will be.

    The female reproductive system is more complex than the male reproductive system and there are tests that are beneficial in determining the fertility status for each women decision making.  Tests target specific  hormones relating to the reproduction system and can help check on your health and well being and if fallopian tubes are intact and healthy.

    The most common first line tests for female fertility are:

    • Female Fertility Profile Test
    • AMH Test
    • Tests to determine health status of the uterine and female reproductive organs
    • Menopause Profile Test
    • Ovulation Test

    Fertility Massage Therapy  works on the abdominal sacral areas to  improve circulation .  It can be helpful to have alongside the natural cycle of your conception journey  as a  complementary treatment that has been successful for many clients internationally.

    You may want to try this massage if: 

    You have you been trying to conceive for a while without success?
    You may be considering different ways to achieve conception
    You may want to consider  seeking guidance to improve fertility chances along with nutrition or other lifestyle changes – Try my 90 day Body Kind plan to boost your chances and fertility efforts. A bespoke plan that suits your needs.
  • Specific Herbs can be helpful to reduce stress and support fertility efforts, along with Nutritional Guidance, Stress Reduction and 5 elements Acupuncture.  Guided meditation, Reiki or Spiritual Healing can also be helpful.   All of these alternative can be recommended for clients who wish to work with Nourished Naturally.