The Natural Health Hub

The Natural Health Hub is a community clinic which runs on the last Saturday of each month in North London  

Nourished Naturally Sustains Well Being

The health hub offers bespoke consultations, information and advice to families who wish to use or learn more about natural ways to support their families using Homeopathy, Natural nutrition , Healing, and Massage, and can be used safely for children. Natural Health solutions can be effective for anxiety, sleep problems, women health, menarche or peri and menopause, weight loss, or general advice. Supplement advice for anyone who with viruses, or post virus immunity support.

Naturopathic Health can be the natural solution you need for yourself or a loved one

Nourished Naturally offers personalised advice during a troubled time. 

Book a consultation or appointment by emailing us at

Calendar Dates for 2023

29th July 2023

26th August 2023

30th September

28th October 2023

The Natural Health Hub is a bespoke community service which offers Natural health solutions which cater for all your holistic needs

Randhiraj Bilan – To book an appointment call me on 07976686592

This is a great alternative for people who wish to seek support from a complementary holistic health specialist and be supported naturally using food, guidance, remedies and natural solutions .

Book your appointment online – face to face or my Monthly Natural Health hub

Have a bespoke remedy created for your emergency or first aid use

Bespoke Seasonal remedies help combat most viruses, allergies and can respond to any illness

Who is this clinic for ? 

This clinic is for anyone who wants to use complementary health; seek professional support. For anyone who wishes to seek my help or be supported with a health challenge,

For loved ones – e.g babies, children, the teen years, for women’s health, or the senior years.

Come and meet me and get to know me, my natural approach or find our more about my amazing personalised services.  Book using the contact form below :


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