Women’s Only Therapies

My women’s holistic care  therapies  are created to help each women connect with their wellbeing and to be given the space they need to journey for their  freedom 

Visit me at my practice and take part in a bespoke programme designed specially  for you.  My menu of services can help you to obtain  life-changing results that will empower you and help you grow in strength and confidence:

  • Improve wellbeing, energy and relationships
  • Improve your  gig and be the creative self you would like to be
  • Increase confidence
  • Optimise your health goals to feel how you want to feel
  • Reduce or eliminate  stress  in  your life
  • Reduce fatigue and increase  holistic vitality
  • Improve  your ability to communicate better and give yourself the space you need to restore and create a better life balance 
  • RE-Balance your mind, body, spirit  and be centred 
  • Start living the life you have wanted instead of dreaming about it




Monthly Mediation Evenings in N13 North London –

Monthly Moon circles

Monthly Women’s wellbeing talks

My guided meditation evening runs in Palmers Green. This event starts at 7.45pm. promptly  and  aimed at all levels. .


Call me on 07976686592 for more details