What is Seichem Healing and how does it work ?


Is a powerful healing system practiced in ancient Egyptian temples: Patrick Zelger was the creator of this system in the 90’s :

Seichem can help:

heal family and ancestral karmic patterns
help addictions and dependencies
help release karmic cords and trauma /attachments
help to release and heal Karma
helps release old soul contracts and clarify / improve your inner self dialogue and external communication of self
Helps to reactivate healthy energy and cell communication

Seichem is a living light energy

Seichem is used to call in the energies of the four elements (Usui) Reiki connected to the Earth energy of the Earth, , Sakara (Fire), Sophi-el (Water) and Angelic Light (Air/ Ether).

Reiki ignites using the elemental force of Earth or the ground that we walk on using the third dimensional manifestation of the earth elemental life force.

Reiki energy can be hot or cold, – cold can be an old issue and Hot a current issues as it makes connection with source using etheric light.

Reiki is fundamental to all the other elemental healing ‘rays’ as a light force.

  1. Seichem incorporates other etheric elements, and works on a much deeper level using the elemental force using the elements and etheric connections
  2. . Reiki is powerful but when used together with Seichem will transform the energy to make it even more intense for a deeper transformation and healing potential.

The Seichem Elemental healing rays

REIKI Is connected with the earth element and, as discussed and often experienced as either hot or cold. Reiki benefit the physical, mental and emotional psycho spiritual self, and forms a base through which the all other elemental rays can work.

EARTH Is all the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. It is grounding and brings stability, ancient wisdom and power into our lives. By introducing earth into your home you will generate an energy that offer shanti and stability.

SAKARA– is connected to the element of fire and brings a rainbow of protective light which surrounds the aura. One of the properties of fire is transformation, and Sakara burns through and transforms blockages and resistance in the physical, mental, emotional and other spiritual bodies. Sakara is fundamental as a energetic healing force to aid pranic healing and for re- balancing the auric field.

Prana is the vital universal energy that surrounds us and sustains life. In pranic healing chi is called to clean the meridian pathways. I use light language to help transform and release old cords and blocks and use this to cleanse the aura with etheric colours that the guides give me during the treatment.

The Left side of the body is the Receiver and the Right side of our body is the ‘sender’. By using Sakara in the auric field we can release toxins and energy blocks.

FIRE Is the only element which purifies without becoming contaminated itself. Lightning and electricity are fire. The Sun is fire and without its heat and light there would be no life upon Earth. Fire is the great enhancer of life or the destroyer, like the great Shakti energy.

SOPHI-EL Is both gentle and persistent like the water from which it comes. The rays come in various hues of silver, whites and black. The Great Void or great mystery is black like the universal womb from which the light emerges, without black there is no light. Sophi-el is amazing as it reaches deep within the emotional body to find the core, cause and effect of the disturbance. It can be experienced as a gentle wave like coolness, or as an intense cold like ice. Sophi-el can be particularly helpful in emotional and sexual healing as it opens the heart to receive more love and to feel love and compassion.

Sophi-el also increases physic awareness; and increases intuitive abilities for visualizing and receiving physic messages while they are working. Sophi-el in combination with the other rays of healing, can remove blocks to bring in the new energies to calm and restore happiness. Sophi-el is helpful as it defuses outrage or anger if the individual is willing to let light into the shadow. When all four elemental rays are used together this increases the force for good and any negativity dispersed. Once we let go …..Love and Light came come in and the emotional releases we will do the healing on all planes of our physical bodies.

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