A Womb, Abdominal Fertility Massage with Me

Womb Massage

The Initial Consultation

I offer you a mini consultation to understand your journey so far, then ask you to complete a consultation form that you return for me.


We discuss your wellbeing and the journey thus far. I hear from you what is important in your fertility journey so far and provide suggestions on how we can proceed. You and I work out how much support you might need and we agree a bespoke package of treatments for you. You can have option 1 and 2 or just 1 or just 2 below.

This is your journey … be guided to make the choices that are right for you and your body’s wholistic needs

Let me use my wisdom to help you navigate the things you need advice on as we build a service for your needs..

1. Natural Fertility

I offer guidance and advice and things to consider during a natural conception journey

2.Fertility / Womb – Massage

We book a 90 min appointment for your 1st Fertility / Womb Massage massage treatment.

After your treatment, you are given practical guidance for your follow up support that includes, guidance, information to undertake a castor oil pack, yoni steams, menstrual charting and fertility support.

Before you leave we book your next appointment. This should be within 2-4 weeks – and a follow up and review appointment.

My Follow Up Appointments and Frequency

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My treatments include serene music so you can relax…I clear the energy in the room before you arrive and again after you lie on the couch. This is your sacred space. A gentle place to let go and be taken care of by me.

My Nepalese healing bowl will sound and let you know your sacred time for your massage is about to start. Now it’s your time for you to unwind and allow any stress or worries to leave you –

Your massage begins with massage to the lumbar region, sacral and glutes. You are offered a deep and enriching massage that allows you a place to totally relax, unwind, slow down and let me take care of you … my intuitive care and energy healing and touch works to support you on your fertility and womb journey.

You move on to your back gently and I massage across your abdomen, pubic bone, lower womb area, the rib-cage, and under the rib cage to work energetically on organs. This is slow massage where you can forget the outside world …. I use pulsing, rocking, rebozo and more intuitive healing – I use smells, sound and guided visualisations. I nurture you, I hold you and keep you in a safe place while you slowly unfold. You begin to trust the process and allow yourself – listening to my guidance – you are offered a place to release any emotions that are not helping you and you begin to unfold, unpeel- open up and trust the process of healing. Unblocking the energy pathways as I massage.

Fertility Massage Through your ( Rtu ) Cycle

Menstruation /Menses :(Natural & Assisted)

During your menstruation days, you can still have a massage, and the focus will be on the head, neck, lumbar/sacral area, upper back, abdominal area/ descending colon. I will still offer Rebozo, and pulsing as this is a beautiful thing to have and emerses your self care to help you relax and let go of everything outside. I avoid the womb area. I will still offer guidance on lifestyle and we reflect on this at the beginning before the treatment. Or if you have emailed me.

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Energetically the menstruation is viewed as our ‘Winter phase’, and this is when women naturally want to hide away, be in their in their own company or shy away. This is also important for self love and culturally we may all do it n our own ways as we bleed or shed our cycle of blood. The shedding of our emotions and anything that no longer serves us can also be supported by a practitioner like me who uses the wisdom of our intuition to support a new cycle emerge.

Your massage and self care will reflect & support this phase and guidance can be offered in between treatments.

Pre-Ovulation & Ovulation (Natural or Assisted)


This is after you have had your bleed. And its time for your ovaries to work again to produce the mature follicles, in a lead up to your ovulation cycle.

If you come for a massage during this phase, The massage will incorporate all of the areas needed to give you the boost for your fertility efforts.

I focus on your lower back, digestive area, upper abdomen and the whole womb and lower pelvic areas. With the increase in circulation during this phase any massage we do will be wholly beneficial to your whole abdominal area, and this is highly nourishing to the circulation, flow of oxygen to organs and the hormonal flow to your womb, ovaries and sacral area which is your female power centre.

The treatments can be varied depending on the areas you wish to focus on or according to your needs.

Energetically, Pre-Ovulation is the Spring time and Ovulation is our Summer time when everything is rip and bursting with immense possibilities. These 2 seasons are when we stir our energetic bodies and become full of life and when most women feel the most hope and energy form the possibilities.

These massage make you feel nurtured, energetic, loved and alive as your circulation and potential is full.

Post Ovulation (natural) or Post Implantation (for Assisted)

After ovulation or if you have had an embryo transfer, there may be the chance that you have conceived and your treatment will be altered to reflect this.

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You can still continue to receive massages however we will avoid the womb area. The focus of these massages will however be placed on the sacrum and upper abdomen to invite as much circulation as possible to your womb. During the post ovulatory phase the hormone progesterone rises which can lead to the digestive system to slow down and so a abdominal massage will greatly benefit the circulation and elimination routes.

Energetically, Post Ovulation is our Autumn phase. During this phase, we may experience a need to create changes and clear things out from our lives which might include people. This is has typically become our PMS, as we are often seen to be less tolerant or irrational or might be emotionally unforgiving. . Pulsing and Rebozo can be a beautiful gentle technique to help anyone in this phase along with a massage as it helps shift feelings allowing them to surface and be dealt with by a skilled practitioner like me who can offer guidance and intuitive support during a massage or healing.

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Post ovulation is the “2 week wait” and potentially a time when many women more support. I offer guidance and a ear for my clients to support then during treatments and can massages can help release the happy Oxytocin hormone, during this waiting period of your feeling stressed.


I offer distance healing to all my clients if they wish to have this.

Energetic Essences

I offer bespoke moon charged essences made specialising for you to take away.

Come work with me… I am available online and offer support to any New potential Clients .. Contact me if you want any guidance on nutrition or wellbeing

Visualisations and guided meditations – 

I am offering these to clients online currently to manage stress and be supported at any time. 

Reclaim the Soul and Female Shakti power

This is person centred approach to your soul calling and can be discussed during an intial  enquiry.  Soul work is the connection between the higher and lower self and I can help you work out any healing that is needed to open your heart and sacral connection or work with you to offer healing and spiritual guidance to deal with past losses or traumas that may be blocking your female power centre heal.

Reiki and Seichem – https://nourishednaturally.co.uk/reiki/

I am a holistic Therapist who offers Fertility Guidance using food, healing and massage. I support people who come to me who wish to take their health outcomes into their own hands – my programmes are simple and effective as seen in my testimonials and I keep in touch with clients to ensure they feel safe and held through the work we do together.

Give me a call if you have any questions about my work or my approach. Provide your email and I will be in touch .