Why Choose Randhiraj ? 

Why Choose Randhiraj ?

Why me? 

I am friendly, warm, approachable and a very experienced therapist. My holistic approach has proven to work for all my clients

I have trained in many complementary medicine therapies which make my offer relevant and unique for any person’s holistic and healing needs.

Yin – Creates Balance and Harmony

I use proven methods, with over 26 years alternative, and complementary wellbeing expertise to draw on which includes guidance, healing foods and tailored services to support a persons unique needs

I offer bespoke packages to help you feel healthier and happier version of yourself – for your mind, body and spirit.

My naturopathic nutrition guidance uses my extensive knowledge and training and tools in Traditional Chinese Medicine which listens to ‘the whole person’ along with my knowledge of Ayurvedic food what have been passed down from my heritage and cultural background – both of these systems help restore and improve vitality and organ health.

How I support my clients

My holistic health & wellbeing programmes are highly supportive, helping my clients heal from inside out. I offer a step by step approach and offer additional guidance between appointments.

Did you know that Inflammation and environmental lifestyle toxins are a major cause of cellular damage which leads to DIS-EASE?

If left or ignored will result in depleted energy, feeling sluggish, tired, stressed, bloated and lead to most hormone imbalances, excess fat storage and major stress on all major internal organs which will inevitably lead to other health challenges… if this is you – get in touch

Come to me and let me help you prevent this causing more damage using a holistic approach

Let me help you heal from the inside out using my integrated and holistic approach.

With my guidance, achievable solutions, I help you make sustainable changes and offer regular 121 support on your healing journey. My approach help people increase energy levels, reduce stress, improve health, improved fertility, prevent dis-ease and support a holistic healthy lifestyle that makes you feel great.

I spend time listening to you and your concerns and offer realistic options that can be implemented straight away. I have worked with people (children, women and families ) for 35 years. My guidance on hormone imbalances will help people experiencing  STRESS or weight gain feel healthier again.

I use an evidence based approach that can include blood and functional tests if these are needed and I can work with your GP to obtain these as many are costly.

Read more on my background.  I will help you learn about the food that is right for you -to heal inside and out.

You can Request an FREE no obligation 15 minute consultation using the contact Button below and have an informal chat to see if my services and approach might work for you.

Come and restore you balance with me ..