Why Choose Randhiraj ? 

Why me? 

  1. I am friendly, approachable and an experienced therapist who likes working with people of all ages
  2. I use an integrative approach and my other therapies to help you review, re-set and reconnect with feeling healthier and  happier 
  3. I will listen to you and your  health concerns and offer real achievable solutions that  help you achieve better health
  4. I have 32 years experience of working with people (children, women and families ) and have designed personalised programmes that work
  5. I can help reset hormones which are often the main precursors to peoples STRESS and weight gain
  6. I spend time listening to the underlying concerns and give realistic options to be implemented straight away
  7. I use an evidence based approach, blood tests and functional tests if these are needed to help my clients become better informed about the food that can help them  heal from within and feel great outside
  8. My programmes work to help people  lose weight, increase energy levels, reduce stress, improve health, fertility, and support a holistic lifestyle using a preventative approach to holistic  wellbeing
  9. I offer personalised holistic wellbeing programmes for optimising  health and wellbeing goals.
  10. My holistic approach has been proven for clients  Read my testimonials section to see what clients say about me.   
  11. I am trained in other of therapies which makes my offer relevant to a persons holistic needs.
  12. I can work with health professionals such as GP’s, Nurses, Consultants or Clinicians if clients wish this
  13. I can help you make the changes you want to feel happier in your lives and see the results quickly…wait and see for yourself or read my testimonials and see for yourself 
  14. I will help you understand the food that is right for you and guide you using my programmes to  optimise your health and wellbeing goals and feel in control again.


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