Cookery Classes

Randhiraj runs Spice Junky™ cookery classes cater for all levels of ability.  

Learn classic family favourites alongside Asian fusion dishes that have Randhiraj’s signature spices and fresh herbs used for them.

Using everyday principals of Natural Nutrition alongside the fundamentals of Authentic Punjabi Food to make mouth watering timeless dishes that will become your family favourites.  Randhiraj use of fresh, seasonal ingreImage-1dients makes her courses an exciting  experience worth attending.

For anyone interested in Authentic Northern Indian food alongside their Ayurvedic and Medicinal properties.  Courses are informative and Randhiraj offers a unique experience that can be recreated in your homes to entertain or impress loved ones.

Classes can be intimate with a min of 2 people  or a group experience, which makes this a affordable cookery event to do with freinds, family or colleagues.  Courses can also be run for families or for growing children with an interest in Indian food.

Use of Fresh spices and masalas

Randhiraj uses the principles of cooking passed down to her through her family traditions and uses fresh herbs and spices to make her own homemade family masalas, chutneys, pickles, blends and pastes.  Each dish uses wholesome ingredients, pulses and fresh produce that are well sourced to make this a unique and creative experience for each course participant.

Vouchers are available as gifts.  Call Randhiraj on 07976686592 or use the contact form on my programmes and packages page to further your interest.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Randhiraj has been running her cookery school Spice Junky™  since 2014.

( Randhiraj’s Indian Cookery school was previously known as Shobhaworks Therapeutics)