Stabilise Hormones with Natural Nutrition…

Balance your hormones – ayurvedic foods – Natural Nutrition – Menus with Whole grains – Superfoods that taste as good as they look –


Be supported with professional help that can facilitate you back to feeling well again.

This is a  Personalised Programme  for anyone who wants to use natural nutrition or food as medicine and interested in being offered alternative and complementary therapies alongside the programme which have long been proven in providing many long term mental health benefits.

My plans are bespoke to your needs.

This programme stabilises  Hormone health. Is ideal for anyone encountering stress – hormonal aches and pains, reocurring headaches/ migraines; suffering high blood pressure.

This programme is well suited to men and women. For those of you in your Menopause or peri menopause or for anyone experiencing anxiety,  fatigue, cholesterol issues; allergies or skin disorders.


This programme has proven its effectiveness in hormone regulation.  

Randhiraj Bilan – Helping you heal from inside out …