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  Regulate Hormones 

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My plans are bespoke, support you naturally and use food as medicine and a blend of  alternative and complementary therapies 

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This programme aims to stabilize Hormones and is ideal for stress – aches – pains, reocurring headaches – migraines; high blood pressure; Menopause and peri menopausal women, chronic fatigue ?high cholesterol; risk of osteoporosis; allergies and skin disorders.

You should have increased energy, better sleep, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and an increased feeling of well-being, self esteem from losing excess weight along with other increased health and well being benefits.

This bespoke programme has proven its effectiveness in hormone regulation.  Re balancing & regulating insulin production in your body  and has been clinically tested as a programme that assists fat burning which contributes to a desired weight loss goal.

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