Reiki and Seichem™ Healing

I have used Reiki and Seichem™ since 1996. I was attuned to the new Golden Tera Mai energies in 2019. Reiki and Seichem is a powerful system of energy healing. It can be used as hands on healing or as a remote healing system using universal light force energy from source.

Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki is given in place of both the original Tera Mai™ Reiki initiations and Cosmic Gold Tera Mai™ Reiki initiations that were given to Kathleen Milner .

Rei Ki

Reiki  and Seichem is a subtle healing energy that helps clear emotional blockages, restores balance and harmonises the physical, emotional, mental wellness which helps the ‘spiritual self’ heal. Being a Reiki and Seichem Master means my energy is 8 times more powerful to clear blocks and healing. 

Rei means Universal Consciousness, Spirit, the Hidden Source; Ki means Universal Life Energy and Life Force.

Hands on Healing & Remote Distance Healing creates better
balance- harmony – unity
 rei (霊: “spirit, miraculous, divine”) and ki (気; qi: “gas, vital energy, breath of life, consciousness”

Reiki and Seichem heals – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Reiki and Seichem is a non-invasive therapy and clients remain fully clothed during treatment.

How might Reiki and Seichem™ Help or Transform your healing needs ?

Restores inner peace and harmony after a life trauma

Offers balance and restorative wellbeing

Calming for a troubled mind

Restores sleep

Rebalances Chakra and Chakra health and alignment

Offers mental, physical and emotional stability

Helps pain relief, restoring shanti and balance

Offers a space for Peace and a Sanctuary for Healing to take place

Heals dependencies

Releases old cords and attachments

Can be used to release negativity and soul contracts

Improves viseral communication

Improves mental, emotional and spiritual health

Reactivates energy to cells for regeneration of Ki energy

Recognition of inner truth and guidance for healing transformations

Heals ancestral karmic patterns

Reiki and Seichem is a beautiful, supportive system of natural healing that enables people to live life to the fullest. Reiki is non-religious, however is a spiritual form of healing which can be learnt and accessed by anyone, anytime. It’s never too late to heal and restore old karmic patttens or issues as Reiki and Seichem together work on both the past or present issues.

I recommend weekly or fortnightly Reiki and Seichem Healing sessions to clients and work remotely during troubled times and helps in the transformation of the physical, emotional and spiritual guidance. I offer intuitive guidance as part of my treatments as this is part of my gift to clients.

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I use Reiki and Seichem every day – and offer distance healing to clients during any time of need

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The impact of having healing can be intense and will help shift you in one or two sessions as I call upon Golden Tera Mai Energies. I offer intuitive healing alongside my Reiki and Seichem healing and use the ascension of white light.

I call upon ancestors, angels, guru’s white light beings for greater healing source and for any transformations needed for my clients and this helps release blockages and resolve any issues which are current or old. I also use Light Language in my sessions if I feel this is needed.

Rooted and Empowered

Guidance and Enquiry can also come into the healing treatment as we uncovers issues and layer by layer for spiritual evolution and self realisation using my spiritual and intuitive insight.

Healing Herbs can be offered during guidance work

My Reiki and Seichem Master energy is powerful and on tap for distance healing after treatments to give further guidance and support to clients if weekly appointments are hard to maintain.

I trained in the UK with Maxine Fone for my mastership and this makes my energy 8 times more focused and powerful as a Reiki and Seichem™ Master.

I was then initiated by Kathleen Milner who lives in the US for my Golden Tera Mai energy which is 10 times more powerful than traditional Reiki in 2019.

My Online Courses – for Reiki and Seichem™ and Violet Flame

I am running Reiki , Reiki and Seichem™, Golden Tera Mai™ – Violet Flame – Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Golden Tera Mai™ and Reiki and Seichem Mastership.  

The relationship between a teacher and their student is an important one and as a Reiki and Seichem Master I am dedicated to all of my students evolvement after their training for each level. I offer on going guidance, tutoring and retreat days where my community come together to practice and use reflection to evolve.

If you are interested in training with me, I’d love to hear from you so please call and lets discuss your needs to see if am the master for you.

Learning Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki and Seichem™ can be a life changing investment in your well being. Classes are taught in three levels and a comprehensive course manual and certificate is given at each level. Reiki Students can take further training with my support to further enhance their knowledge, skills on wellbeing and health which integrates my other training, qualifications and experience. 

I have been practicing Reiki and Seichem™ Healing for 23 years and use it every day which is an essential part of the sacred practice of Reiki and Seichem and maintain open channels so that people I work with benefit form my healing.   I work with Tera Mai’s ancient symbols,  Soufi and Sakhara energy which give a higher and powerful vibration of healing.  Tera-Mai Seichem has the Earth elemental healing energy (Reiki) as well as the other 3 elements – Sakara (fire), Sophi-El (water) and Angelic light (air) which make this a very powerful healing system

This beautiful life force energy is restorative when it is needed to balance ki- (flow of energy) through the upper and lower  chakras : Crown chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra

Chakra Healing restores inner balance = inner harmony and Shanti

If you still curious and wish to find out more. Feel free to use my contact form below to find out more. Randhiraj Bilan