I you are curious and wish to have a way to develop a spiritual practice or find your inner feminine voice , my Shakti Devi Rises programme could help you.

This unique designed programme teaches you about these sacred deities whom I was first introduced to during my transition to adulthood from the mahabharata महाभारत as part of my upbringing and my cultural heritage.

I share these goddesses to help others be transformed – Be You … enrol with me and find out about the goddesses if your searching from within yourself to know more..

NourishYin Nutrition : Fertility: Bodywork : Healing : Intuitive Soul Guidance

NourishYin and your self care

NourishYin Healing Food Programme –

My guidance on seasonal & healing foods centres on your needs and supports you learn how to nurture your female cycle using natural nutrition and wellbeing practices to nurture and grow your self care no matter what stage of life or your female cycle you are in.

Intuitive Body Work and Healing

My Intuitive Yin Healing and Massage support women no matter which stage or transition they are in.  I offer women a safe place to reflect unfold & begin a new  journey to holistic care.

Yoni Mudra -योनिमुद्रा 

Find space to pause and be nurtured in my care …

Heart Sacral Connection The Yoni mudra is connected to the Goddess Kundalini Shakti & this life force represented by the goddess Kali.

NourishYin : For Women of all ages or stage in life or any key transition:

When you are in need of sanctuary, self care and a supportive approach to work for your nurturing needs.

Take time out …..Pause…. be nurtured in a safe and sacred self care space…

My standard treatments are personalised and include bodywork massage, sound healing, spiritual guidance.

I help heal and support you at your time of need.

My intuitive guidance work is designed to be supportive and nurturing for women who need space to heal old fears, anxieties or stress and be restored again.

Be nurtured for every life stage of your fertility or life stage ( including any traumas).

When we Nourish Yin we pay more attention to our wellbeing by offering ourselves the compassion using complementary therapies.


Restorative Yin

A 75 min Restorative Yin (Sacral and Back ) Massage guidance package can include Hot stones, intuitive connection/guidance from source, rebozo techniques, rocking, nurturing, pulsing and restorative self care.

YinNest Healing

 75 min (with 15 debrief at end) 

Restorative Yin

 This session is ideal for any woman who needs a weekly or fortnightly space to recharge, focus on self care and be nurtured.

What ever your reason for needing a quiet space – I can offer a bespoke package that blends my skills for your bespoke needs. Restorative advice and guidance included as part of this package. After Care support is also offered.

A Highly restorative place to unwind and reset their emotions.  Guidance, intuitive mediations can be included to these treatments.

Heart Centred Healing
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