NourishYin Massages for Women

Running on empty?  Need space to reset & boost your reserves?

NourishYin Massages are a supportive and nurturing space that helps you with any  fears, anxieties or  stress .  Use this sacred place to take care of your Yin energy and be restored.


NourishYin treatments are  60 -90 minutes long.  The care packages use a holistic intuitive approach to support the whole of you using, massage, healing., guidance, mentoring and naturopathic nutrition.

I work with every life stage or age or experience to give you what you need.

Massage ceremonies include a nurturing space to unwind and be healed.

Healing & Moon Wise  Women’s Monthly Circles

Harnessing the powerful and healing properties of the Full and New moons for self expansion; personal growth, self help and spiritual guidance.

Grow your curiosity with friends you know to develop self awareness and understanding using the moon phase and  zodiac it falls on.

Monthly Moon basking ceremonies of  self care, personal kindness – Create your own intensions with a family Wish box to bring you what you need or want to ask for.  Personal Intentions are a powerful and can  make things shift and happen.

Full Moon Circles have been practiced by women for centuries in every culture and faith –  Moon Healing 

Meditations – Why not try out  my guided meditations – Guided meditations can be  supportive to anyone who  suffers from anxiety- stress or low moods/depression .

Ideal for  anyone who needs shanti and peace in their life as I use my 25 years of spiritual practice to guide you on in journey.

Guided Meditation can help you practice a daily intention to calm your troubles.

A Highly restorative place to unwind and reset their emotions.  ( Guided mediations can be personalised and designed for anyone who finds it hard to attend a group – Use the contact form below for any enquiry.



Let me show and guide you to a better health and wellbeing place using my nourishing approach.

Call Randhiraj for details :  mobile 07976686592 or email me at Randhiraj@virginemdiacom