Nourished Naturally NourishYin Massages and Meditations

NourishYin Massages and Meditations

NourishYin Massages are for Women of all ages or stage in life: When you are in  need of nurturing

My NourishYin treatments use holistic intuitive massage to  support the whole of your needs.  I work with all life stages and support you with each of your life transitions.  I  give women  a safe place to reflect unfold & begin a new  journey to holistic care

Find space to pause and be nurtured in my care …

NourishYin Women’s Massage and Holistic Care

Pause…. and be nurtured in a safe and sacred healing space

My treatments are personalised and include bodywork massage, sound healing, spiritual guidance, and for a supplement can include natural nutrition advice.

I can help heal and support you at your time of need.

My intuitive work can be supportive and nurturing for women who need space to heal old fears, anxieties or stress and be restored again.

Be nurtured  for every life stage of life age or lives traumas.

These are also great massages for holistic health, peri and menopausal symptoms.

NourishYin Massages plus

Restoring Yin Package –

75 min (plus 15 debrief at end)  Massage with Rebozo Techniques including pulsing Massage  

YinNest  Package   ( Can also be used for Postnatal care)

 75 min (plus 15 debrief at end)  My YinNest Massages are 60 Minute Treatments 

I Suggest these as an ideal treatment for any woman who needs a weekly or fortnightly space to recharge, focus on self care and be nurtured.

What ever your reason for needing a quiet space – I can offer a personalised service blending my skills for your bespoke needs.

To book a Call Randhiraj for details :  mobile 07976686592 or email me at

Healing Moon Wise  Women’s Monthly Circles with Me

Harnessing the powerful and healing properties of aFull and New moon.  Develop self expansion; personal growth, self help and take away intuitive and spiritual guidance from Randhiraj.

Grow your curiosity and learn to  develop your self awareness and understanding in a sacred space using the moon phase and the zodiac it falls on.

Women’s Moon Circle and Guided Meditation

My guided meditations are supportive to anyone who suffers from anxiety, stress or low moods/depression or feeling empty.

I  offer a space for shanti and inner peace .   I use my 25 years of spiritual practice to guide you on this journey. Using my clarity essence I can make you a essence to support your feminine power – ask for details.

Guided Meditation can help you practice a daily intention to calm your troubles and take a pause to honour self care.

A Highly restorative place to unwind and reset their emotions.  ( Guided mediations can be personalised for anyone who finds it hard to attend a group) – Use the contact form below :