Need of a place to unwind using Holistic Massage?

Have you been running on empty?

Do you need space to reset & boost your reserves?

NourishYin Massages help can  help you unwind and let me go of any fears, anxieties, stress using a sacred place where you are taken  care of your Yin

NourishYin treatments are  60 – 90 minutes long.  The care packages use a holistic intuitive approach to support the whole of you using, massage, healing., guidance, mentoring and naturopathic nutrition.

I work with every life stage or age or experience to give you what you need.

Massage ceremonies include a nurturing space to unwind and be healed.

After new baby massage 6 weeks on –  My close the bones ceremony is nurturing and includes nourishing food advice for you and loved ones.

Healing & Moon wise  Women’s Monthly Circles

Harnessing the powerful and healing properties of the moon for self expansion; self help

Book a circle with friends you know to grow your curiosity, self awareness and zodiac signs.

Monthly Moon bathing  ceremonies, self care, kindness

Create your own intensions with a family Wish box’to bring you what or ask for.

Intentions are a powerful  to make things shift and happen.

Meditations – Why not try out  my guided meditations

Ideal for  anyone who needs shanti and peace in their life

Guided Meditation helps you practice a daily intention to calm your troubles

A Highly restorative place to unwind and reset their emotions.  ( Guided mediations can be bespoke and designed for anyone who finds it hard to attend a group

Guided meditations can be  supportive to anyone who  suffers from anxiety- stress or low moods/depression .

Let me show and guide you to a better health and wellbeing place using my nourishing approach.

Call Randhiraj for details :  mobile 07976686592 or email me at Randhiraj@virginemdiacom