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NourishYin™ for Women no matter what age, or stage of their female life cycle

Nourish Yin

A shakti Empowering space: be guided with

NourishYin™ – Food is Medicine

Nurture your feminine Shakti Cycle – grow your divine feminine form – be nourished naturally.

NourishYin – Healing – Body Work

Intuitive Healing / Massage – it does not matter what stage or transition you are in.  Be supported to know your safe place – reflect – unfold- heal – grow

Womb – Belly – Shakti Massage

A abdominal – Sacral Womb Massage – An essential package of self care and Womb love

Restore Yin

Restorative Massage – Upper Back Hot stone massage, Intuitive guidance from the source, rebozo techniques, rocking, nurturing, pulsing and restorative self care.

Recharge Yin Healing


A space to recharge, focus on self care and be nurtured without judgement – pure intuitive guidance.

Whatever your reason for seeking this – restorative care is part of this package with after Care offered.

Distant healing – Offers Soulful Advice

Reflect – Unfold- Heal – NourishYin –

The inner feminine voice–  (कर्तृवाच्य / kartRRIvaachya) – Let Shakti Devi Rise – go gentle on yourself

NourishYin™ Bodywork : Healing : Intuitive Soul Guidance

NourishYin Remedies tailored to your needs

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Client Testimonal

Client : VH – stated a highly restorative place for me to unwind and reset my emotions.  I was offered guidance as part of my treatment which was wonderful and surprising as it was just what I needed to hear .

VH 2021
Yoni Mudra -योनिमुद्रा 

Pause – be nurtured …

Heart Sacral Connection The Yoni mudra is connected to the Goddess Kundalini Shakti & this life force represented by the goddess Kali.
Randhiraj Bilan
Randhiraj Bilan
Hum So Shanti

Time out To Be Nurture…

Time to be guided to NourishYin