I will support you on a journey of self discovery – help you make more time to discover what you want in your life NOW. Look with fresh eyes at the resources within you

I can help you create the space to make your personal magic and teach you the steps to see these come to fruition

A daily practice to practice self love and learn the tools that will guide you to listen to your self and make the choices that will bring you more joy into your life.

Learn to trust yourself more – listen to the inner voice and develop the simple skill of listening to your instinct.

Be guided with distance healing – I Offer Soulful Advice as someone

who has been on this path of life ….. and many times before …

Randhiraj Bilan – 2021

NourishYin- Workshops

My workshops/Events help you see your new life emerge – and begin to breathe easier knowing you are on the right path – with my support right behind you anytime you need me. The Magic is waiting for you – learn how to tap into it and see for yourself


For Every Women’s Wholistic Needs


NourishYin™ – Grow Your Divine Feminine/Masculine

Nurture your shakti – Be Open – Curious – Then Grow

NourishYin™ – Healing & Intuitive

 Be supported to know your safe – Arrive – Be – Reflect – Unfold- Heal – Grow

NourishYin™ – Womb – Belly Love

An Intuitive Abdominal – Sacral Womb Massage – the ultimate self care package and belly love – with added Intuitive guidance from the source, (and gentle rebozo techniques, rocking, nurturing, pulsing and restorative self care).


Recharge, Focus on your self care – Be nurtured without judgement – pure intuitive self care.

Be guided with distance healing – I Offer Soulful Advice as someone how has been on the path of this life and many times before …

Reflect – Unfold- Heal = NourishYin™

Grow your inner knowing – Your feminine voice–  (कर्तृवाच्य / kartRRIvaachya) – Shakti Devi Rise – go gentle on yourself

NourishYin™ Intuitive Soul Guidance

Intuitive Healing + Remedies – to your bespoke needs –

Client Testimonal

Client : VH – stated a highly restorative place for me to unwind and reset my emotions.  I was offered guidance as part of my treatment which was wonderful and surprising as it was just what I needed to hear .

VH 2021

Open your Heart -Soul Connection

Randhiraj Bilan
Randhiraj Bilan
Hum Soooo- Shanti

Be Nurtured gently today and everyday … ..

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