Love your Womb and Belly

Create Harmony In Your Self Care Routine

Loving yourself and loving your belly- womb and abdomen is a delicate and loving  relationship with our self love and self care and our intimate relationship and journey of loving ourselves

Love your Abdominal – Womb – and Self

Women are innate mothers – instinctively created and coded to offer love to others. Try honouring your self love – do this by using a daily self massage of the abdominal – womb and sacral areas to build more self love and movement of the internal connection of your inner love –  embody self love

When doing this we can delve deep into our own psyche – our female embodiment – our intuitive power and female form – use this self care regime to honour the self love we so deserve – and by doing this – We are STRONGER, & A DIVINE CREATRIX 

Rtu – Menache- understand your cycle using my heritage, wisdom and Ayurvedic principles

WE ARE WHO EVER WE WISH TO BE – ‘WE ARE ALL WOMAN’ –  A female powerhouse – When practicing  self care daily massage – we co create more rituals of ‘self  massage – we grow our love of our bodies – our comfort and  grow more self compassion – I am a co creator of my divine love – I  love my belly – its serves my self love and my womb – I have been blessed to understand its depth using ancient wisdom  from my lineage from India where I was created – Love being grounded to Mother Earth.

Self Care Massage

Self Care Massage  and Belly Love are healing techniques that can be used to help, support and restore reproductive health. The menstrual cycle is your best friend when it comes to a natural fertility and re stabilising hormones is key.

This self care massage is effective and supports your central nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system – prana to naturally REST- RESTORE and help reduce the impact of stress on the body.

Learn about your cycle here – read my perspective on it here using the Indian ayurvedic seasons and seasonal wisdom from my heritage

LOVE YOURSELF MORE – for instruction on the rituals of self love for your self massage – click on the link in my bio to book a 121 session – or for creating more self kindness and love .

Contact me to understand how you can develop this intimate care routine – and see how you grow…

Randhiraj Bilan