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10 steps for a healthier version of yourself

Just 10 simple actions : Be a healthier version of you

What to do now?

  1. Keep a weekly food diary.
  2. Write down everything you eat or drink – this helps you see how you view food and the choices and decisions you make. How you might eat differently if you want to be more mindful
  3. Review the diary –
  4. Eliminate food you appear to more frequently that is high in sugar – salt – fat – transfer from take aways
  5. Agree some new wellbeing goals that help your accountability to your health .


  • FACT – most people over eat – eat for comfort – eat to improve energy
  • FACT most people eat the wrong combination of foods
  • FACT most people can have allergies and intolerances they are unsure of hence bloating!
  • FACT Snack otherwise known as ‘grazing’ is not necessary for maintaining wellbeing
  • FACT Blood sugar levels can be raised by eating the wrong sugar and using stimulants

Losing 15% of your body weight over 4 – 4 months can be tough but ultimately life-changing for people who need to do this

This is G who came to work with me last year November

she said : When my GP saw me she couldn’t believe the changes I had made. I was on 10 different types of medication, I was fatter than I had ever been and also feeling unhappy. Randhiraj was there for me and helped me understand how I could talk to my GP, make changes and begin to stop the antidepressants which my GP gave me because they dont have the time to support us properly. Thank you so much.

When I went back to my GP, she was so pleased to see how I lost 4 kg and the positive effects on my blood pressure and cholesterol levels from the food I was eating and the recipes I was using Randhiraj gave me ….

This was in just 4 months – You helped me with my self esteem  and I am truly grateful to you Randhiraj

GG London -February 2021

10 Steps to a healthier you : Begin the morning with a warm drink of water and lemon – helps the liver detox – and colon work properly
2. Get out and GET regular fresh air- begin slowing – take regular exercise  e.g Walking, yoga, pilates , or cardio exercise –
3. Use  youtube to help you find a programme if ££ is an issue. Just 30 mins a day. I love Shona Vertue my self and Ester Ekhaart for Yoga
4. Eat the right oils
5. Replace table salt with healthy salt – Himalayan sole is a great thing to use – check my blog on this
6. Increase your hydration – make your own teas -try ginger & lemon, darchini, peppermint, tulsi, liquorice, or Japanese rice grain green tea.. use fresh herbs and spices- mint etc can be planted in pots for easy use. 
7. Eat 3 meals every day – do not skip meals,  finish with your evening meal so you leave 12 hours before your breakfast-  buy locally sourced veg.
9. Increase your water intake to 2-3 litres a day – that’s just 6-8 glasses and includes any herbal tea drunk during the day
10. Go to sleep by 10- 10.30pm and rise between 6.30-7am- eat breakfast between 7-9am  or later as a brunch

Healing from inside out

Randhiraj Bilan

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