Healthier Eating, Cooking and bespoke Cookery Classes

Be inspired :  Eat with your Eyes.

Learn how you can eat better and create new habits for you and the people you love in your life.

‘Love food’

We see with our eyes, We think with our minds

We can discover new ways  to eat with our eyes,  minds and hands,


‘Tell me, and I forget.
Show me, and I remember.
Let me do and I understand.’
~ Chinese Proverb

My personalised cookery sessions are designed for people who need help to make real sustainable changes for their health and wellness goals. 

Do you need help to change old eating habits? feel more inspired .? make food for someone whos special in your life and may have intolerances or food sensitivities ? 

My cookery sessions are creative and suggest food alternatives for dietary sensitivities,  food preferences using the latest evidenced based research to help you make better and informed choices to support you and optimise wellbeing goals.  

I use Natural Nutrition principles, good fats and good carbohydrates, good sources of protein helping you improve and sustain a way of eating that can work  for everyone you care about.

I can offer 121  or  group workshops. I help educate people what  matters to them and use  my knowledge of healing food to support them arrive there.    

Randhiraj Bilan
Hi – I’m Randhiraj – Be Nourished Naturally