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Protein Cakes Can Be Good For Us!

Chocolate and Orange  Cake


I use protein rich flour substitutes in a number of  my recipes and make cakes for my family which are naturally good for us and do not take their toll on our bodies immunity. In contrast a lot of  white refined flours rob our body of mineral and vitamins and can lead to health conditions that furred up arteries, diabetes,  arthritis and high blood pressure to make but a few.  Real butter or a good oil substitute for baking helps. Most shop bought sales have oil which is heavily processed or rancid and therefore highly unstable.

I know its hard to make such sacrifices but we should not ignore the nutritional facts that will help us combat these diseases for our children and being good role models by making alternatives that they and adults can enjoy does just that.  With the added bonus when using alternative  protein flour that is actually good for us.

Recipe :
150 gms Organic Dark Chocolate- chopped into pieces and added –  3 Tbsp cocoa powder  to dress cake
12-15 fresh dates milled1 tsp baking soda
Fresh  juice and zest of 2 seville/clementine of 2 of Oranges

100gm cup gluten free rice flour  or Sorgham-plus  50gm chick pea flour
75 ml of maple syrup
1 tsp baking or bicarb  soda ,1tsp of xanthin gum
1/2 tsp celtic salt
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
5o ml   cold pressed olive oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup rice milk

Mix all dry ingredients.  Add dates.  orange juice and zest, maple syrup vanilla essence. Broken chocolate.  Rice milk – Mix well – use an cake mixer-  slowly increase speed.

Bake as individual cakes or as in a loaf tin.  180 degrees centigrade for 35 mins-  use Serve warm-  or cold.  sprinkle cocoa before serving.


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