What does your tongue tell you about your health and wellbeing status?

Tongues tell us a lot. In Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tongue areas correspond to internal organs and if you take a look- you can see what might be going on.

The normal tongue in Traditional Chinese Medicine has a light red or pinkish body with a thin white coating.

The picture shows the Channels/Meridians Reaching the Tongue:

Tongue areas as they correspond to internal organs in Chinese Medicine

I’ll share with you my own tongue to give you an example. When I looked this week- I could see a it was shiny, with a thin coating of white which suggested it was in good health however I could see a little redness at the tip which showed me that my Fire element was beginning to go out of kilter. This told me that I need to take more care of my heart, its connections to my lungs and my small intestine and pericardium and take more care of my own chi ‘life-force’ otherwise known as my ‘ Yin’ which will otherwise begin to run out and lead to more deficiency.

The Tongue is a reflection of our internal organs and systems

The beautiful thing about taking a look at the health status of our tongue is that it tells a story and reflection on our internal organs /systems and the best part is that it can be easily remedied through diet and lifestyle with the support of a complementary and integrative therapist like me.

Taking a look helps us to consider the following

As an experience I will tell you what mine said and the actions I need to take.

  1. Take more care of my heart and its circulation so I will be eating more white and red food.
  2. To take care of my Lungs which feed my heart – I will create time for myself to do my daily Yoga practice which will help my Yin energy and be helpful for me.
  3. And lastly but most importanrly, I will stop working at 7pm and take some early nights and try to get do this by having 9-10 hours of sleep for the next few weeks.

I have been staying up late watching a new series and other half as I have teenage children who love staying up later on a weekend than usual and I’ve been waiting for them to come in !!!

What this has meant for me is that I have been staying up far later than I should over the last few weeks.

I will be heeding my own advice and be eating food to feed my spleen which feeds my pathways to the liver for detoxing with the full moon as this is the best time for the body to work to it natural rhythms and balance its life force.

So having heard my story, What does your tongue say about you?

If you’s like to know in more detail book a consultation and see if there’s something you can do.

We are in metal season now which is essentially the winter element. So its not surprise we will all be feeling the affect of the cold days a nights.

Heres a few tips that can be used easily for supporting yourselves and your wellbeing.

Eat more white food; rice, pulses like cannelloni, haricot and white kidney beans are excellent this time of year. Try congee. 1 part rice, 4 parts water. Season to your taste and add root vegetables, leeks. You can make it vegan or add fish or chicken stock if you would like to make a really fortifying broth.

The few final things to think about to really give yourselves a boost : Drink more fluids and eat omega 3 rich food.

Both can be helpful to the body and have so many properties for supporting wellbeing.

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